When Worlds Collide – My Love for the BuffyEarper Universe

Please note: This post contains spoilers for both Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Wynonna Earp. Proceed with caution. Also, thanks to @RavenofLondon for letting me use her creation as my featured image!

My introduction to “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” was the finale to season five. My obsession set in quickly. Seasons six and seven were just as fantastic. My emotions were all over the place. It took me several years to understand my fascination with the Buffy universe. The answer came when I fell in love with (the current run of) Doctor Who. In both cases, the idea of what is considered ‘traditional’ is thrown out of the window.

I was raised to believe that normality meant following one specific set of rules and standards. Life was going reasonably well until the day I realized I was deviating from their version of normalcy, then I began to panic.

The beginning of season six was confusing because I didn’t know about the Dawn/Key storyline, or Willow’s coming out, but the Willow/Tara/Dark Willow storyline sealed my fate for the show.

Sexuality in mainstream media at that time boarded the two extremes. We had Queer As Folk and Will & Grace with bringing the idea of sexual orientation to the forefront (as well as some daytime soap operas). The other extreme were those shows who either refused to entertain the idea someone could be anything other than straight or would show the LGBTQ community as drug/sex addicted people who were trying to fill a void in their lives.

Buffy, on the other hand, normalized Tara & Willow’s relationship. There was the initial shock of Willow coming out but was short lived. When Tara was killed, and Willow turned to dark magic, her pain was not dismissed.

Since I didn’t watch the first five seasons as they aired, it took me a while to see one of the iconic scenes. Watch below.

I am not ashamed to say that I cried when I saw this scene. Even today, I get misty eyed when I see this clip. Although my family, for the most part, have welcomed me with open arms most have been in Buffy’s shoes when coming out to their friends and family.

The love shown throughout the series was unfathomable. We see storylines in shows that are rooted in reality, but they still reside in the world of fiction. Buffy, however, makes us question if she is in a fictional universe. One of the most heartbreaking episodes in Buffy history was when Joyce died. I have to say I am glad I did not watch when it aired. Anya’s reaction was as real as it gets. She vocalizes what we all have thought when dealing with the death of someone we love.


The rawness of the show and the willingness to approach any subject was a turning point for humanity. For me, this show was my saving grace. Not only did the show help me come to terms with my sexuality, but the show also helped me to connect with others around the globe on a level I had not experienced before.

The love of the Buffy universe gave me the push to jump into the sci-fi fandom. Which brings me to the other woman who has taken my heart – Wynonna Earp.

Because I fall in love with characters quickly, I had to step back from picking up new shows since networks like to make humans cry. I saw the previews for Wynonna Earp while watching Killjoys, but did not want to pick up a show only to have it canceled after the first season. I wanted to wait until there were at least two seasons, then I would consider watching. Yes, I know it is a catch-22 situation, either way, I could lose.

This past summer a friend of mine (love you Nina) told me I needed to watch Wynonna Earp, and I would thank her for it – and I have many times. I will not say Wynonna has taken the place of Buffy. What I will say is that Wynonna is carrying on the legacy of Buffy.

I fell in love with Wynonna from the first scene. She embodied the spirit of Buffy when she refused to sit back and let someone die without a fight. I will say it did take me a few episodes to understand my pull to this show and to figure out the parallels between Wynonna and Buffy (I can be a little slow to pick up on things at times). As the show progressed, the similarities became more apparent, and I found a new home.

Once I finished season two (I could not wait for Netflix to release it, so I had to buy it from iTunes), I turned to social media to connect with others. I found two different podcasts which helped fill the void. One was Afterbuzz. I listened to them because I was a fan of their Sense8 podcast (another brilliant show everyone must watch). The other was Tales of The Black Badge.

Both podcasts are excellent and even have cast interviews, but what made my jaw drop was when Kevin Bachelder (@kbachelder) announced he would be starting a crossover podcast (@BuffyEarpers).

I listen to Jenny & Kristin’s podcast, Buffering The Vampire Slayer (@bufferingcast) every week and love to hear their take on the episodes. Now, I get to hear Kevin and Kat (@katjetson) talk about their passion for both of the shows, and it makes my heart smile. 

Knowing these two universes are colliding does not mean destruction. In fact, merging these two have created an incredible and indestructible bond. In a world where hate and fear are beginning to rule, knowing we have people who live by the code of the Chosen One (be it The Slayer or The Heir) is fantastic.

The Buffy universe helped me navigate through a dark part of my life, and the more people I meet, the more I realize my journey was not alone. Wynonna Earp has picked up the baton and is becoming that light in the lives of those today. The message is the same: You are not alone.


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